Sailaway Trilogy…

Writing was never part of the plan. When growing up in Dundee, Accountancy or at least a numerical career was the ultimate goal. After a year or so at college, 6 years with RBS followed before a final attempt at Accountancy studies but combining this with full-time employment was never going to work.

Having moved down to the Fylde coast in 1998 various positions ensued and after 2 redundancies and 2 years of self-employment I find myself at Bygone Times in Eccleston, Chorley where I’ve managed to settle down there for over 2 years.

I’ve always had a ‘Geography head’ and like nothing more than navigating journeys or finding out what is going on in different parts of the world. Our previous cruises have given my wife and I the opportunity to visit numerous countries that we would never have hoped to see. From Greenland in the west, to dipping our toe within the Arctic Circle near Iceland in the north, St Petersburg in the east to the Canaries in the south and our first visit to Africa in Casablanca.

Keeping up the Geography theme my wife and I have been fortunate enough to complete 2 long distance walks in the Scottish Highlands; the West Highland Way & Great Glen Way. These 2 walks have given me another idea for a future ‘book project’ and our next walk is also in the planning along Hadrian’s Wall.

My first introduction to writing was back in 2012 when I came runner-up in a competition run by P & O to describe our personal cruise experiences. Needless to say this ‘experience’ will feature in the trilogy. The saying ‘that there is a book in everyone’ may well be true and in writing this trilogy I have certainly found mine.

The inspiration for the Sailaway trilogy comes directly from our previous cruises since 2005 and ‘life events’ (a scene from Surprise Sailaway happened to me in the Netherlands on a family holiday in 1985!) The cruise industry offers so much choice and value for money these days that everyone should at least consider going on one and hopefully my books and blogs will help you to do just that. Happy cruising (and reading!)


A most enjoyable read especially the anticipation of what was going to happen next within a lovely setting. I thought the writer set the scenes & described the characters so well you could actually imagine yourself in the story.

Well written, easy reading, great content. I don’t read many books but I really enjoyed this. I think Derek is going places in the literary world. I look forward to his next offering. Easy reading and great content.

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