Sailaway Trilogy…

…Surprise Sailaway tells the story of 2 sisters who embark on a short cruise following the sudden and tragic death of their parents. Sarah and Hannah find themselves living the high life on the high seas where the eldest finds possible romance and the youngest a potential career. Life on board is relaxed and stress-free for them both, a million miles away from the memories they have back home of their parents.

Follow their adventures on board as they visit Amsterdam and Hannah has the chance to see Paris. A twist at the end is a direct result from the parent’s death and an event that will change both sister’s lives forever.

In Family Sailaway (due February 2017), Sarah and Paul’s relationship is blossoming and Sarah receives a flyer from CZN cruises, so when they visit her aunt and uncle at Christmas a week’s cruise is discussed, planned and booked.

This time the ship is bigger, the cruise longer and with a hurricane brewing close by there could be rough seas ahead. Sarah’s cousin, Megan is also on board and as a young and single female who knows what she’ll get up to!

With other families trying to enjoy themselves on-board and interacting with Sarah and Co what kind of cruise will they have? And what is going on with a fellow passenger that Megan has befriended and Sarah seems to know who is behaving rather strangely?

The story could be described as a ‘chick flick’ for anyone just wanting a short read that won’t take days to read! Written in a humorous way with also some good detail in how life on a cruise could be. A few clever twists especially the way the book ends!